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News from the front - TAP and Bitcoin 4th September

On 4 August 2017 the first corporate event of THE ADVERT PLATFORM   took place in Hamburg. Here are the summaries of Angelika Elsässer and Stephan Baensch , who have already posted this in the respective Facebook groups.

"The morning was riddled with information on the subject: online advertising!
Michael Deese  greeted us with a video message and Tony Booth also made the start. Serious and of course with a positive energy, he could promise us an interesting and especially informative day, because the best always comes to the end :-).
Martin Ryf  , with his lecture on TAP, has shown the infinite possibilities that we can not have exerted in any other industry as with TAP. We have the opportunity and can really appeal to every industry: from the interior designer, hairdresser, baker to the onlinemarketer. All need advertising - and then why not from TAP? The reinvesting of advertising costs is his motto and has meanwhile registered 80 new partners at TAP and reached its target 1,500 CPs! An example for all of us, for
"We do not build a business here, we use people, we build people and use a business". (Incidentally, this was also my slogan for MAP)
You get by purchasing their credit packs - credits - and the chance to make your business or business known by sharing! EVERYONE deserves - at this point TAP does not differ from MAP!
My part consisted of attracting the attention of the audience: there are so many groups within Facebook, so the advertising should be posted there as well! There she finds her place and also makes sense! (I have already pointed out to you). How important this information is, there was a big deficit for most of those present!
Short testimonial by Laurie Weller from Australia: Helping others is more important than earning money. Trust in the company and corporate. Benefits of advertising in TAP is awesome. Laurie is the first TAPdiamond and wanted to be part of the event in Hamburg.
Claus Mattheis  gave us a lot of interesting information about advertising on the Internet. "Sales Funnel" - and a super lecture.
He is the founder and operator of the brand FunnelExperience and helps entrepreneurs win new customers online.
We were able to enjoy not only the lecture, but we got a great gift - every attendee got a special access to a 9-hour support from his program. Thank you very much 🙏
Also Jim Robinson , vice president of the payment processor GPN Data, has come.
Most important news:
The SEPA direct debiting system will be introduced from September.
Payments of TAP have so far only been made once a week. In the future, there will be a buffer, which allows for faster disbursements. This is especially true for smaller amounts.
The contact (24/7) in the support center will be possible on request in German.
Data are not stored in TAP or GPN Data, but are stored on a Swedish server. They are only used for requests by authorities, eg money laundering etc. Jim Robinson wishes to have a long working relationship with TAP.
Holger Behrendt  - How do I recommend correctly. Basically - EVERYTHING I LOVE and like, I can recommend! Here I can only join Holger's words: I've loved MAP and the meaning of the advertising already understood - and TAP now offers enormous possibilities to distribute advertising on the Internet!
Last but not least -  Tony Booth :
He presented us the new opportunity at TAP: Bitcoins! 
Another way to inspire people for TAP, which are Bitcoins lovers.
All in all a successful event, which offers us many opportunities to give people the opportunity to earn money on the Internet. I am sure - with TAP, we have a reliable and secure partner at our side.
We, the team Stephan Baensch, Claus Mattheis, Martin Ryf, Holger Behrendt, and Angelika Elsässer, are grateful for the 150% attention and the positive feedback, which is more than "overflowing" us. 🙏🙏🙏
We have broken the ice with Hamburg and TAP partners are with a good feeling and with power for TAP home.

"Hello my dears,
I had already announced to write a summary of the event, which has now   done Angelika Elsässer already, thank you Angelika.
My personal impressions I would like to describe briefly.
I would like to go a little further, because I had to endure and endure much in the past year, as well as many others of us, starting with the event in Berlin.
Since the company's cancellation of the event at the time, much has happened. Setting up of the profits and withdrawals, complaining against VX gateway, Shitstorms against everything and everyone, preparations for TAP, launch of TAP, construction of a new community consisting of old Mappern and new Tappern.
Despite all the adversities:
The constant contact with Lynne and Tony Booth, of course, strengthened my confidence in TAP. I have been able to pass this on in the group and also in many personal talks to some here from the group.
The idea of ​​an event brought me,  Thomas Braun . He wanted to make a small tapper meeting at the Baltic Sea
On a sailing trip. It was then that the Hamburg event, which had already been planned as the event a year ago, came to Berlin!
So the circle then still closed, this time with Lynne and Tony Booth !
Claus Mattheis , who had organized Berlin and who lives in Hamburg, immediately agreed to help and has  organized everything with  Holger Behrendt on site, thanks for this.
We have had  a great team together with Angelika Elsässer and  Martin Ryf , so we managed the first official tapper event.
With a total of 70 people, we have made a start on meetings, meetings, main tables and also presentations.
This does not sound much at first, one takes the numbers from the last years with MAP (600-1200).
But all of those in Hamburg have realized through the workshop that TAP is a serious advertising platform. You do not have to hide, it is not a "Ponzi" or dubious business.
All have understood that advertising with TAP is spread through us into the world - straight through the social media and an incredible target audience can reach, if one uses them correctly.
The BTC-Pack for me personally the highlight of the event and I am looking forward to this brilliant product!
I am also pleased to see that lost trust has returned to Hamburg through the exchange, through knowledge gained, and also through personal discussions with the Booths, questions which could be resolved in a big round, etc.
My thanks go to all the participants, because you have the courage to come to the long journeys and the costs not shy. You are the ones, which can now build up and in your regions the small seed to bloom can, thank you. To all those who would have liked to come but not for time or financial reasons: there will be many new meetings, in which you can participate and inform you there.
Whoever needs us at meetings, events or even skypecalls, should not be afraid to report.
I am very pleased with the development, it confirms me in my actions and my faith in the good, this weekend has cured my grief and wounds extensively.
Your  Stephan Baensch
PS: Judith, I love you and without you I would not have passed through this time!

Many thanks, dear Angelika, dear Stephan, for these great summaries.
Here is a video of Stephan how to buy the Bitcoin packs:

The success of the advertising platform THE ADVERT PLATFORM continues to be a success
If you are not yet a partner but would like to register, please contact the person who has access to this article.

With the best wishes for your success,
Vinay Soni...