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Why All Millennials Should Invest In TAP - BITCOIN ? Vinay Soni - 09925350784

Why All Millennials Should Invest In TAP Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has soared to another impressive all-time high of over $7500 USD per BTC. The most amazing thing, when looking at Bitcoin's rise to financial sector super stardom, is that as short as 5 years ago, a BTC was trading at prices under 1 USD. 
That's an incredible ROI and something that hasn't been seen in the financial markets for generations if ever.
According to a website named Bitcoin Play, approximately 7 years ago, 10,000 BTC would have only been able to buy you 2 pizzas. Today, those same pizzas would be worth $75 million. With such huge gains and no end in site, millennials should see Bitcoin as the greatest opportunity they may ever have at making huge profits of this magnitude in the investment market and here is why.

Bitcoin is Our Currency 

We are the first generation to grow up on the Internet and experience its immense power since our formative years. We watched as the Internet brought down the conventional entertainment industry with file sharing and streaming. We watched as Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp changed the telecommunications industry, breaking their monopoly on communication. 
We cheered as industry disruptors like Wikileaks changed the information channels and accountability of our institutions. Bitcoin is another disruptor that is changing the world, and we are in a unique position to be among its early or at least earlier adopters. Bitcoin, to many, is the currency of the Internet and we, as the Internet generation, have a financial instrument and currency/commodity of our own, Bitcoin.

Other Sectors are No Longer Within Our Reach

Unfortunately, with skyrocketing inflation and cost of living, the worst job market in history, over population and disparity in income between the financial classes, many of the conventional wealth building instruments of past generations are simply out of our reach. Most of our generation is struggling to repay student loans and find jobs, let alone enter the housing and investment markets. 
Housing conventionally was where the average person invested and built their net worth. Unfortunately, as our housing market ballooned disproportionately to income and job markets dried up, many of us simply can't save enough to make a down payment and get us into the marketplace. 
Bitcoin has similar, if not greater, potential and is still within a broader segment's reach. Also, unlike stocks or bonds, there are no minimum requirements to opening a Bitcoin account and its possible to invest just a few dollars on Bitcoin or Satoshi (1/10000000 of a BTC).

Hedges Against Financial & Political Instability

With so much uncertainty in the world's governments, and the financial sectors being exposed for corruption and malpractices, it is important to not have all your eggs in one basket. Historically, the safety currency of choice for investors was gold and many would hedge the markets' volatility by purchasing the precious metal. 
In the modern marketplace, Bitcoin is a great asset to hedge against these factors, as it is not tied to any government and is transparent, in the sense that it can't be manipulated in the same way the banks and financial elite manipulate the conventional market. 
In the event of a currency, government or major market collapse, Bitcoin is a great asset to own as it can be converted to different currencies, is not issued or regulated by a government, and is safe from theft through confiscation or ultra-taxation. As the world continues to show signs of potential calamity, Bitcoin can be a safety net for adopters as it is free of interference and manipulation by the financial elite and governments, in these trying and volatile times.

Adoption Trends & Supply

The choice of gold as the reserve investment of generations past was due in part to its universal acceptance and limited supply. Bitcoin is limited to only 21 million BTC total and is gaining momentum in its global adoption and acceptance. Japan, for example, recently made Bitcoin a legal payment method, and BTC will be accepted by nearly 300,000 merchants in Japan by years end. Many of the world's major brands and consumer markets already accept Bitcoin and its adoption is growing profusely.
As for supply of the 21 million potential Bitcoin that can ever be created or mined, 17 million will be in circulation within 10 years. It is predicted that the remaining 4 million BTC will be mined between 2027 and 2140. With demand increasing and supply so limited, the price of a BTC has the potential to reach incredible heights.

 Advice From Industry Leaders

According to some of the financial world's most trusted voices, Bitcoins potential is nearly endless. Some have even predicted high 6 to 7 figure valuations of Bitcoin in as little as 10 years. Wences Casares, a member of PayPal's board of directors, recently made headlines predicting a 1 million per BTC value in under 10 years and stated "the biggest mistake you can make is to not own any Bitcoin". 
Furthermore, he went on to advise the gathered audience to put 1% of their net worth into Bitcoin. Another example of respected market predictions from the financial sector was made recently by a Goldman Sachs employee, who says Bitcoin could reach $27,000 USD in the next 4 months.

Growth Trends

With Bitcoin growing nearly 1000% in the last 12 months alone and rising over 200,000 times its value from a half decade ago, Bitcoin is the fastest growing financial instrument of all time. If you were to purchase 1 Bitcoin today and growth trends were to remain the same over the next 5 years, you could potentially turn a under $10,000 USD investment into over $20 million. Though that is far from guaranteed, the growth data backing Bitcoin is irrefutable and can't be ignored. Even a small $10 invested at today's prices would still equate to over $200,000 USD if Bitcoin's growth rate were to remain unchanged for the next 5 years.
With millennials facing the hardest job market, economy and prospects for financial growth ever, Bitcoin is a glimmer of hope for this generation. Considering the professional advice, market and adoption trends coupled with a low market entry threshold, all millennials should look to Bitcoin as an opportunity of a lifetime and should try their best not to miss the Bitcoin train.
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