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TAP is a safe business? How can I verify it?

The Advert Platform is a serious, solid and in accordance with all European and Italian laws. It is operating legally around the world for over three years. You know her better inside the ebook "The Book of The Community For Success" by Matthew Pittaluga HERE

The gains in The Advert Platform Italy are guaranteed? And for how long?
There are no guaranteed minimum earnings. The profit-sharing (sharing of profits) is completely variable, depending precisely by revenue. Legally it is therefore not possible to guarantee even a precise timing. To make an informed decision you'll want to read on the Earnings Declaration document made available on the company's website. The Advert Platform is NOT an opportunity to get rich quickly and easily. The success at the highest level requires hard work, leadership and commitment. This is an independent website. For official information about the company, the compensation plan, the products and the opportunity it offers The Advert Platform visit

What is a Credit Pack? What am I buying?

A Credit Pack is two things at once: it is a TAP advertising product, and also equivalent to 1 share in the division of profits. What we are buying into The Advert Platform is TRAFFIC! Do not forget! A Credit Pack is equivalent to 275 hits on our website within The Advert Platform. So if I have a website to promote, I can do to appear 275 times where people are going to click!
If I do not have a website to promote, I can earn the same! Credit Pack is also one share in the division of the program's profits, more credit and I pack more gain!


How quickly I recover my investment?
As soon as the first Credit Pack expire (usually in about 40-90 days) will be even already in profit. You can choose to follow the strategy and continue to buy new Credit Pack to increase your income, or they can be withdrawn at any time. IMPORTANT: you can find the video on strategy and on how much you can earn on the home page HERE.

How much you earn for each Credit Pack purchased?
Each credit pack (€ 24.99) at the moment generates daily about 30-70 cents of earnings every day thanks to the sharing of profits TAP.

1 pack purchase credit: 30-70 cents per day gain
purchase credit packs 2: 0.60 to 1.40 € per day gain
purchase 10 credit pack: 3 to 7.00 € per day gain ... More credit pack purchases, receive more profits from the division of the profits of the company!

The credit pack I last forever?
No, when it comes to creating a pack credit € 27.50 profit, disappears (generates about 30-70 cents a day, then expires within 40-90 days).
Maybe it seems a little but ... .ATTENTION! TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS STEP SEARCH:
A Credit Pack generates DAILY gain! This allows you to recapitalize in new purchases of Credit Pack before a Credit Pack runs out, thus creating an effect of exponential growth !!!

If I start with 20 Credit Pack for example ...
Gain 6-14 € per day from the first moment!
So in a matter of 3-4 days I can already purchase another Credit Pack ...
And after a further 3-4 days, another, then more gain and so on ...

I did not understand what's going on expiry of the Credit Pack, you explain?
A Credit Pack buy it at € 24.99, € 27.50 and generates you. By that time expires, that disappears. The money you generate with your credit pack every day, you can use them to buy more and increase your income. So if you have decided to reinvest (recommended strategy for the first few months) when a pack credit expires surely you've already used the profits to buy more, so you find yourself more credit pack before to work for you!
If those profits they gave you every day your credit pack do not have them reinvested, at the expiration of gatherings € 27.50 per pack expired credit and you can collect them all!
IMPORTANT: At any time, you can choose to turn aside all your credit pack and pick up everything when you want!

When you get to have 1500 Credit Pack (maximum!) What happens?
When you get to 1500 credit pack, you can not buy more. With so many packs do you credit will expire every day, so part of the profits (doing the calculations of how much you get 1500 credit pack!) You can use them to buy them back and keep the annuity. All the rest of the gains six FORCED to pick them up, because you can use them in any other way!


When I saw that the clicks of gain "credits", what are they?
When you click on the 10 sites of the credits you are awarded, which are NOT MONEY but serve if I wanted to promote a website on TAP free. When you buy Credit Pack instead (and of course your profits when you do 10 clicks) also receive 275 traffic credit who always wanted to serve when promoting your sites of TAP in the selection of sites that we're going to click. If you do not have a site or another business to promote of course you can save them, and keep them for the future that can always serve!

If not I see my 10 sites daily what happens?
You do not lose anything, it only remains back with earnings up when you return to view the 10 sites! At that point, they share the commissions.

If you view most sites daily for more gain?
I do not earn more, but I get more credits to spend on advertising if I wanted to promote my site on TAP!

What time should I view sites? How does the countdown?
The ideal would be doing 10 clicks at the same hour. It works this way: if I make the clicks today at 16:00 pm, for example, are "covered" until tomorrow at 16:00. This means that every 20 minutes I get profits for the next 24 hours until tomorrow at 16:00.
Tomorrow, I will have to make the next click by 16:00 to extend my time for another 24 hours. The 24-hour time depart from the moment I do the clicks all times! So if too early, and for example I get them at 10 am, at which point I will be qualified until 10 am the next day! So the ideal would try to make them at the same time to avoid anticipate them too!

I can take some vacation days?
Yup! There is also the option to buy their holidays (top menu)
so I pay € 5 and not do the clicks and gain the same


There's also an affiliate program to TAP?
Yes, but it is not at all required to enroll people. However, to build a business faster you can share the opportunity to TAP with other people and earn up to 10% on all of their purchases or repurchases of Credit Pack.
EXAMPLE: enroll a person that starts with 20 Credit Pack (500 €), and receive € 50 immediately commissions.

How much I gain my direct affiliates?
Whenever a direct affiliate purchases a credit pack for the first time (or make a new purchase with a credit card or bank transfer), we receive 10% commission (ie € 2.5 per CP), and the same thing when reinvests in the business of buying credit pack with its profits generated by TAP, we gain 10% immediately (ie back € 2.25 per credit pack)!

How does the registration of a relative / partner?
If you would like to register a relative (or any person) who lives TOGETHER to you, and then you have the same residence or still live in the house together, you have to use the link on purpose to enroll their family. You can find it under "Affiliate Toolkit" under AFFILIATE CENTER in the left menu. And 'the second link provided. Registers the person living with you with that, and this person will be able to TAP. The only thing is that you will NOT receive any commission from her, it is one of TAP rule.

I did not understand this enrollment speech of those who live with me, you can give me examples?

FINALLY we clarify how the registration of those who live with us.


If you would like to register a relative who lives there with you, you can sign up fine with the normal link and take commissions just like all other referrals because this person NOT living under your roof.

It can also be a relative who has your same residence but lives in another home.
EXAMPLE: My sister has my same residence on their identity cards but live at home of her boyfriend.

IN THIS CASE MUST BE WELL, because the click of TAP will cause them to another house which is very good for the company (TAP care what).


If a relative (or even any domestic partner as our roommate) who lives with us wants to TAP, then FORCE FOR THE LINKS YOU MUST REGISTER WITH SPECIAL (The link to enroll those who live with you find it under "Affiliate toolkit" under AFFILIATE CENTER in the menu on the left. It 's the second link you see, under the normal one).

In this case you NOT take no commission, but that person will be part of TAP.


You can not make cross-registration, the type that my sister who lives with me I can enroll in one of my friends as a normal referral so you do not lose commissions.
This is WRONG because TAP then see where they make a click, TAP sees all the IP addresses from which you then connect if by chance you find that you live with that person that you did sign up under another, then you are at risk account closure.


If you registered a partner in TAP with special links for cohabiting and then this person moves and goes away, you have to inform the TAP support and they will decide what to do. (Usually NOT be allowed to change them and make them your referrals normal, but you still have to tell the media)

If someone you have registered as a regular referrals instead comes to live with you, you must inform the media immediately because it will have to change them and make them your cohabiting affiliates and you stop taking commissions from them.


How do I withdraw my earnings? I withdraw them at any time?
Visit the TUTORIAL section of this site for instructions on withdrawals!


All fees that we receive in the balance (of our click or affiliate) are available for download at any time, but must remain in "waiting" for a period of 14 days before being accredited.

In other words, if for example you want to withdraw 500 euros, by the time of the withdrawal request this money is kept waiting for The Platform Advert for 14 days before being transferred to our account.

This system in Europe is imposed by banks (and not by TAP), and it works well in all affiliate internet business that operate in Euros.
The TAP problem is that if there was only one purchase with a credit card stolen or cloned, every 20 minutes the turnovers are distributed among all members and commissions are paid to the sponsor to 'instant,
so that money can be withdrawn immediately if they would be unrecoverable. For this reason they should remain before "pause" for 14 days before becoming available to the levy. Another reason is that on some of TAP advertising products is the right of withdrawal, so the customer can ask for the money back, and at that point if the committees had already been withdrawn from the grid, that money would be unrecoverable.

All this is to make a company in TAP rule in Europe from every point of view.

IMPORTANT: Note that the fees that you see in the balance ARE ALREADY 'BEEN PAID, that are already ours. Just become available to the levy after 14 days.

The Advert The Platform is sustainable system?
Absolutely yes! The Advert The Platform team consists of mathematicians and engineers, who have created a fully sustainable business model and be able to pay commissions for years. You can read the full explanation on the sustainability of the business model by downloading the ebook of our HERE team

Most of TAP revenue comes from its affiliates?
No, only in part. TAP also has contracts with various companies EXTERNAL to the system, which promote their products on the home page of TAP directly to its members, but which are not part of the profit sharing program


We have any obligations to society, or any constraint?
Absolutely not! We are simply affiliates (or rather, the users), and we can close our account by writing an email to the company at any time. We did not have any kind of obligation or to purchase products, or to reinvest our profits in TAP or to continue to be part of this project if we wanted to.

Can I withdraw all my earnings at any time and close my account if I wanted to?
Yup! We just have to wait to expire all Credit Pack, and then we can withdraw the full value of our account and ask the company to close it at any time.

You need support, or have specific question? Write me in private:
(I can only respond to the most urgent requests)
Facebook: VinaySoni
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