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Company Update 27-Feb-2017

I have a fantastic update for you this week, it has been long in the making and I’m excited to bring it to you.  Please follow carefully and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s fantastic news for your advertising campaigns, your TAP affiliate business and the future!

Profit Share Update

From Tuesday 28th February at 12:00 UTC, we are implementing a change to how you earn after completing your actions on the AdSpinner.  This means you will earn 25% of your daily profit share for each section of tasks you complete. This was originally slated to start on the 3rd of February, however we wanted to allow everyone a bit more time to get used to how it works.

For example, if you are required to complete a minimum of 3 Facebook post shares, when you do – you will start to earn 25%.  If you are required to complete a minimum of 3 Twitter Retweets, when you complete the 3rd, you will start to earn another 25% which totals 50% of the days allocation in profit share. This continues through the actions until you have reached 100%.
By breaking down the different elements like this we feel it is easier to understand and fairer to you as you start to earn something straight away!

Google Chrome Extension

Over the past few weeks, a small subset of users have been testing a very exciting new feature – our Google Chrome extension.
In phases, from today, we will gradually be transitioning everyone over to the use the Google Chrome Expansion.  This marks a big step forward for TAP.  As we have always been a desktop only platform we want to bring the best value possible to our advertisers.
By using a Chrome Extension, we are able to offer more dynamic ways in which we can serve ad inventory and ensure that users are completing the actions so they are rightfully awarded the correct amount of profit share for doing so.
The Chrome extension gives us many new possibilities.  One example being, we can begin to serve adverts without using iframes, meaning we can now support affiliate links, Amazon Associates and other affiliate networks that do not permit the use of iframes.  Another is that we can serve HTTP ads safely when we move the site to HTTPS, ensuring that your connections are safe and secure.
We are truly at the beginning of what we can achieve – with the right blend of active, attentive users, advertisers and micro actions, we can make TAP a special place to be.

Smart New Affiliate Links

From March 1st at 12:00 UTC, we are releasing a vanity URL with new domain names! For example;
You can use these on websites, banners, business cards etc – creating a really professional look!
These will be given on a first come first served basis, so make sure you reserve your name as soon as they open at 12:00 UTC on March 1st.

TAP Online Marketing

Our biggest news is the launch of TAP Online Marketing!
Now we have such an army of users completing the daily actions, we are in a better position to sell these actions to the wider advertising world.  While we have always had advertisers interested in our traffic, we are now creating demand for our social shares and SEO backlinks and it is now time to serve that demand.
With that in mind we are excited to announce that we have created a whole product suite for you to be able to sell to your contacts and companies!

What TAP Online Marketing Will Provide:

  • A simple, easy way to purchase and manage your Online Marketing
  • An easy to follow email with simple changes you can make to your website for an instant boost in traffic
  • A monthly email detailing where your website is positioned in the search results for Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Links on other established websites pointing to your website and themed around your keywords to create important backlinks.
  • Regular mentions and re-shares on Facebook
  • Regular mentions and re-shares on Twitter
  • Regular unique content you can add to your website
  • The power of what this can do to a website has to be seen to be believed – what would your client say if you got them higher in the search engines and as a result received more phone calls and sales?
  • Do you think they would book again for the next month?  They sure would!
We are introducing an exciting 2 level compensation plan and a brand new affiliate toolkit, and we feel the enhancement of this side of our company will really transform how TAP is viewed amongst the market place.
That means you can earn a 10% affiliate commission for your personal sales of these products and 10% on any sales that your personal affiliates make!  We feel that rewarding our affiliates with a powerful two level compensation plan is the right thing to do to help this side of the business grow and more importantly, to help you our affiliates make a strong residual income.
It is important to note that there are no qualifying requirements to be an affiliate with TAP, so you can earn commissions without owning our products!
We are so confident that customers will benefit from our online marketing products, we are proud to say that TAP Online Marketing is backed by a PayPal 60 day money back guarantee.
How many other Advertising/SEO companies offer a performance based 60 day money back guarantee?
TAP Online Marketing launches 1st March at 12:00 UTC, your customers are going to love it.


Completely free of charge, we will create a blog for you, which will be the best place for you to share your thoughts with the world, complete your micro actions (links) with only a few clicks and have a feed of fresh content posted to your blog automatically!
All will be hosted securely on our servers – we really are moving as much of the hassle out of the way as possible.
For more advanced users we will have a Pro version, where you can add more customisation while still benefitting from our unique features.
We are pleased that so many of you have embraced the upgraded AdSpinner and are enjoying the extended reach  with your adverts, posts and shares.
The Link sharing section of the AdSpinner is very new to many members and many of you have been struggling to setup and create a “useful” web presence on which to share these links. So we are pleased to launch a free new service for all members – ProjectCascade
You are all now entitled to a free website on ProjectCascade including:
  • Pre-configured beautiful, modern looking website.
  • Responsive to display on all shapes and sizes.
  • HTTPS – full SSL security.
  • Based on WordPress (WordPress powers over 25% of the internet)
  • Search Engine Friendly with all the best SEO plugins.
  • Relevant Content added daily – automatically
  • Moderated Comments
  • World Class Cloudflare DDOS protection
  • Hosted on Google’s own super fast and resilient servers
  • Ad supported so free of charge.
  • With just a few clicks you can now have a professional, beautiful, automated web presence allowing you to focus on building your business and promoting your products.

Go Pro – for just €5 Euros per month!

Same as standard, with;
  • Your own unique domain name – (freely transferable if you ever wish to take it somewhere else)
  • Full admin rights to your own WordPress website
  • 1000’s of plugins available to enhance / extend your site.
  • Download & Transfer – download and take a copy of your website wherever and whenever you want. It’s yours!
  • Ad Free!
ProjectCascade will go live mid-March and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our IT team have been working round the clock to put together this unique platform for you to use.
Other companies have tried something similar before, but we feel we have got it just right!

VX Gateway

I know you all want daily updates on the situation with VX Gateway and as I’ve said before that’s unfortunately not possible.  What I would recommend you to do is follow the court case closely by using the official case number 4:16-cv-03541.
We are expecting another update from our attorneys next week and we will pass along any information that we can.
Make sure you set an alarm for noon on Wednesday to secure your vanity URL! Let’s have a productive week!
officially site of forum please visit - 

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