What is The Advert Platform Business ?



As promised, after registering in The Advert Platform you will have the opportunity to earn money online every day, right from your computer or smart phone in a few simple clicks.
The operation is very simple: you sign WITHOUT ANY COST, purchases of Credit Pack (even just one) from the value of € 24.99 and from that point if you click on ads that are at least 10 within the site have the opportunity to participate in the division profit that occurs every 20 minutes for a total of 72 times a day, even while you sleep! In addition to this if you already have another business or the products and services you want to promote, you can use the Credit Pack purchased to create it yourself of advertisements, bring many visitors to your site and potentially attract more customers and generate new sales !
All this is possible because we are part of an industry that already now worth billions of euros, and soon trillions of Euros! We talk about the online advertising ... And it is possible because the Internet never sleeps, he never closes. It works well on Sunday, at night ... E 'also open on Christmas Day! The wealth has not disappeared, but has shifted to other markets where this time we can also capitalize on us, and the most amazing thing is that you do not need technical knowledge, nor to sell anything ...
... Only a few, simple clicks as you will see now.

                                THE COMPANY

The Advert Platform provides one of the largest advertising platform in the internet world, along with educational products, high-level training and services for companies and individuals who are marketing online. The company's web site receives over 103 million "click" every month! He has 300,000+ members, and shares most of its gains in the profit sharing program (profit sharing) with the participation of all affiliates.
Simply stated, it is as if a company like Facebook (which lives thanks to online advertising) he shared much of its revenue with users who browse and display advertising that appear every day on the site! Although there may not be guaranteed minimum earnings (depending precisely billed by the company), let us make a second account of the numbers of this industry and the enormous possibilities that we face ... Over 300,000 subscribers in just two years, and are practically convinced that this company will soon reach 1 million users, and above all has the potential to get you to pay more than 1 billion euro in commissions to its affiliates in the coming years.
The reasons? You explain them now ...

Think about it ...
Every time we make a "click" on Google or Facebook, these people are doing BILLION!
... BILLION !!!!
But who it was really to promote them? Who promoted Facebook?
... We were us!
We are part of an industry where we move money every day, without realizing it ...
We're talking about an industry (online advertising) that is billing billion! And that in the coming years will generate trillions of euros !!!!

The purpose of The Advert Platform course is the same as any other business: GENERATE PROFITS THROUGH THE SALE OF PRODUCTS.

There is nothing wrong, and it is also logical when you think about it: NO SALES = NO PROFITS
But the difference is that The Advert Platform decides to share its success with us, internet users.
The division of profits among all affiliates comes from the global sales volume generated each day by the following products: Banners, Pop-Ups, and advertisements on The Advert

We are faced with a new idea, which recognizes the importance of the economy of the users of the internet world, and decided to reward the traffic!
In fact, what makes an important web site is just the volume of TRAFFIC!

TRAFFIC = MONEY, why companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube and many others generate billions: because they have so much traffic and so many "click."

The Advert Platform decides to provide companies (but also to individuals) the opportunity to promote their products and services to a huge audience, which every day sails on the MAP website by generating tons of traffic to advertised websites, with millions of " clicks "that are made every day!

And at the same time, the audience of users is paid! The only requirement is to have at least 1 Credit Pack and view ten advertising sites every day. No other action is required, and by that time you'll be qualified to participate in the division of profits that is calculated and distributed every twenty minutes!
You can already do free membership now, just click on the REGISTER button below and you will be taken on the web page of The Advert Platform. Full registration with your data ... In just 1 minute!

All the Indian's The  Advert Platform user must then, is simply to purchase one (or more) Credit Pack and display at least 12 daily advertising sites to qualify for the division of profits, which is calculated and paid EVERY 20 MINUTES FOR 72 TIMES A DAY!

The projections and the figures shown below, and in any other page of this site, have only illustrative purposes. If any revenue projection was made before the institution, these projections do not provide in any way, whatever they are, to earn those figures or any other figure participating in the affiliate program. The revenue projections are not intended as guarantees of actual earnings. TAP (The Advert Platform) is not an investment business and can not guarantee any minimum gain, or any other figure, the affiliate program or by buying products. To make an informed decision you'll want to read on the Earnings Declaration document made available on the company's website.