What makes The Advert Platform different?

The online advertising sector generates huge sales, and the trend is growing strongly. Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc., achieve annual billions of profits with advertising (Facebook 2016 profit 3.6 billion) through us visitors / members and our clicks. However, we get nothing to see, the companies keep the money with them. Is that legitimate?
The Advert Platform achieves profits with advertising (banners, pop-ups, external advertising, etc.), but shares 95% of these profits with their members. Is that legitimate?
As soon as you have at least one credit pack for 25 euros and 12 advertisements or shares them on the leading social media (takes about 12 minutes) you will be involved in these distributions and earn money, every 20 minutes, 72 x per day, 365 days In the year, also at Easter and at Christmas, even if you sleep. The Internet, however, is never closed and never sleeps!
And is it long-term, reliable and stable? The fact is, that only one thing counts: TRAFFIC. Through the special concept of The Advert Platform to generate a lot of traffic on the site, the platform is also interesting for large companies - now the end of 2016 - the first blue chips are coming to cooperate with The Advert Platform and advertise! And all members benefit from it! The advertising in the platform is carried by the members into the social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and therefore transported to MILLIONS of people - absolutely revolutionary and a service of invaluable value for every advertiser!
If you can click with a mouse, you earn money with this top marketing system every 20 minutes. The company distributes the winnings every 20 minutes in the ratio of the credit packs that are in the possession of the members, ie the more credit packs (max. 1500) you have, the more you earn. If you use the advertising purchased with the credit packs and switch to text ads (attention: this is not a prerequisite to be paid every 20 minutes), you have de facto paid advertising and you make profits from it.
Do you know anything comparable?
The Advert Platform thus offers companies as well as private individuals the opportunity to present their products and services to an enormous audience and provide tons of traffic on the advertised Internet pages with millions of daily clicks. 

Together with some partners with me, I am one of the leading support systems in the industry.
Because I do not want to produce database and frustrated members. 
You get full support and get all my insider knowledge .
To ensure your success right from the start, I recommend you do the following 3 STEPS:

STEP 1 :      
Register with The Advert Platform


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STEP 3: 

Telephone or personal meeting with Vinay Soni  or Webinar

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